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Shoot myself to Love you

.If I loved myself, I'd be shooting you.

♪ Transylvanian Concubine ♪
19 November
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*.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸|¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.*She couldn't think of anything to say. Everybody thought that she was boring so they never listened anyway. Nobody was really saying anything of interest; she fell asleep. She was into S&M and Bible studies. Not everyone's cup of tea she would admit to me. Her cup of tea, she would admit to no one.

Alana here. Recently college has been forcing my journal to be in a state of hiatus. Never fear, it shall pass. Majoring in anthropology. Minoring in Biology. Music occupies a great deal of my time. I'm a discombobulated girl, dealing with all that comes with this life.. The livejournal is where I choose to do so. Also, I like to document the things I do from day to day- just as a reminder.

"Warm wet thanks to everybody who made this atrocity possible.." =)

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*Some men see things as they are and ask why.
Others dreams things that never were and ask why not*

Credit:The creators of my icons are listed under my keywords. And thank you to sassysairs for the banner, and thank you to withpaperwings_ and ladyxmoonlight for the headers.

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The only things she wants to know is: How and why and when and where to go. How and why and when and where to follow*.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸|¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.*

Marriage is love.

Bisexuality is Real.

Once upon a time there lived a girl. She slept in a lovely little cottage made of gingerbread and candy. She was always asleep. One morning she woke up and the candy had mold on it. Her father blew her a kiss, and the house fell down. She realized she was lost. She found herself walking down a crowded street, but the people were made of paper, like paper dolls. She blew everyone a kiss good-bye and watched as they blew away.

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a perfect circle, adult swim, aeon flux, aimless driving, amy lee, anatomy, androgyny, ani difranco, anti-church, aqua teen hunger force, armwarmers, bad 80s music, bass guitars, being dressed to kill, bill engvall, binging and purging, biology, bisexuality, bjork, brian warner, bright eyes, buckcherry, bush, cemetaries, cirque du soleil, conor oberst, dancing, drag queens, eating disorders, eisley, eriana, evanescence, evolution, eyeliner, fall, family guy, fiona apple, fleetwood mac, forensic science, fox in the snow, gambit, garbage, genuine people, gingerbread coffins, golden girls, gorillaz, harvey birdman, home movies, hot hot heat, human waste project, ice age, incubus, inliving color, interview with a vampire, jane's addiction, jay gordon, jem and the holograms, johnny depp, kosmos, lacuna coil, laughing, led zeppelin, lighters, lili haydn, lincoln memorial gardens, lindsey buckingham, lipstick lesbians, lynyrd skynyrd, mad caddies, mae, making movies, marilyn manson, masturbation for peace, medical examiners, mindless self indulgence, moon theory, moonlight, mountains, much ado about nothing, music, natural selection, nature, nine inch nails, oasis, obsessive compulsive disorder, open minds, orchestras, orgy, pagan poetry, paz lenchantin, perry farrell, phantom of the opera, piercings, plain fried rice, poe, ponching, porno for pyros, pretty girls make graves, prince, radiohead, ramones covers, rasputina, red hot chili peppers, reptiles, requiem for a dream, rigor mortis, robinhood men in tights, rocky horror picture show, rubber chickens, saved by the bell, sealab 2021, secret of mana, shirley manson, shooting stars, siamese kittens, silverchair, singing, sleep, smashing pumpkins, snake river conspiracy, stabbing westward, stars, static-x, stevie nicks, stigmata, stone temple pilots, sublime, sun poisoning, system of a down, tattoos, tenacious d, the faculty, the killers, the postal service, the shocker, the yeah yeah yeahs, thinking, thunderstorms, tim curry, titus, tobey torres, tool, tori amos, trash with class, veruca salt, violins, waking life, will & grace, winter, x-men